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Wolffer Vineyard, Sagaponack, NY                                                      Photo courtesy of Cathleen Adkin

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Today's Featured News


Jersey Devil Port

  Wine Publisher's Editor's Choice goes to Valenzano Jersey Devil Port as recommended best buy in the state of NJ.  It is little secret that is starting to get out.  I mean, where can you find a fantastic port so reasonably priced?  I've seen bottles of port that are half the size for over $40, but the Jersey Devil Port is 750 ml (like a standard bottle of wine) for only $15.99 and it is fortified with brandy for 19.5% alcohol.  The marketing is brilliant too, I mean the legendary NJ beast, the Jersey Devil, which is well known, especially in the pineland area where the port is made.  Often thought that port is a dessert wine, it is actually great served before a meal to open the pallet.  I stock a few bottles for special days with family and friends.  For more information see below:



Our deep rich and velvety Cynthiana wine fortified with brandy and oak aged for 3 years. Alc. 19.5% By Vol. Yes, that is correct. It is a full size bottle for less than $15.00 per bottle. Yes, we know that most ports on the market are packaged in a smaller bottle and sell well over $25.00. We simply don't care. Our goal at Valenzano Winery is to provide great quality wines at AFFORDABLE prices and that’s what we will continue to do. Jersey Devil Port -Some Legends Are Made Locally!

$14.99 per 750ml bottle

Visit: http://www.valenzanowine.com/


More Wine Articles for Today,  

    Wine Publisher found a great winery in NY, called Tickle Hill.  You know it must be good, because it is located in the Finger Lakes area of NY where so many New York wineries are clustered and competition is steep.   The name is as intriguing as it's wonderful wine selection.  Here is a little history on where the name came from:

How did the winery get its fun name?
Our granddaughter may not find a place in the history books. However, she will be well known for giving our family winery its unique name. She decided that the pit of the stomach sensation she gets when traveling the ups and downs of Ball Diamond Road (Which is where we are located) warrants a name change to the town highway. She likes to call it “Tickle Hill”. On hearing her say that, we knew we had the name for our winery!


Visit: http://ticklehillwinery.com/index.html

Local Wine Reviews


 When I think of great NJ wines, Alba Vineyard comes to mind.  At a recent wine tasting with so many wines to choose from and from almost every winery in the state, when I spoke to people about the best wine that they had sampled today, I repeatedly would get the same answer - Alba.


Below is just a small sampling of the many awards won just recently at the 2010 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition:


BEST OF CLASS – 2007 Chambourcin
GOLD MEDAL – 2008 Gewurztraminer
SILVER MEDAL – 2008 Dry Riesling, 2008 Riesling, Dolcina


Visit: http://www.albavineyard.com/


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David Honig

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